Thursday, March 12, 2009

Acer Support experience #1

Last week on March the 5th I contacted Acer support via their US toll free number (1-866-695-2237). The support call was relatively quick, lasting perhaps 10 minutes. The first few minutes were spent navigating their Voice response system, until I was brought in contact with a representative. I was calling to secure a system recover DVD CD set, in the event of a catastrophic failure. Their representative was friendly and courteous, but we must have not communicated well. I am certain I expressed what I wanted as clearly and concisely as possible. Acer's representative seemed to understand my needs and advised that they would send a recovery USB drive. I questioned this, but he assured me that this would allow me to recovery my XP operating system, which is what I was wanting.

One week later I received a envelope Fed Ex from Acer and it contained a 1Gb USB flash drive. The contents of the drive contained the fix for a known video problem with the AA1 where 1/3 of the display is blacked out. Obviously this is not what I had requested.

I will place a call to them again soon, and try again to secure the recovery DVD CD set. So my 1st experience with Acer support, while positive, was not productive.